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April Newsletter

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Spring Has Sprung!

Not everyone enjoys the rain, especially if you have to commute in it but for most of us it’s a nice and much needed change. Plus the results of the rain have been remarkable since our hillsides are now green and covered in colorful wildflowers. We also enjoyed a parade of painted lady butterflies fluttering about. Spring has definitely sprung and we love it! I asked some of the Provident Plus team what they like most about Spring and here’s what they had to say:

Shannon Rudder, Insurance Services Representative

The warm sun on my face. The sounds of the birds chirping in the morning. Looking at the open sky. There are more but these are my first and favorite.

Steve Arguello, Insurance Consultant

My favorite thing about Spring is enjoying softball and baseball with my kids.

Christina Rittenhouse, Receptionist

My favorite thing about Springtime is enjoying the pleasant change in weather, the beautiful flowers and watching the graceful butterflies. It is definitely one of my favorite seasons.

Gail Christner, Marketing Analyst

I’m more active and carefree in Springtime. I love that the sun stays out longer for us to enjoy the day and provides the opportunity to explore all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Armando Pacab, Insurance Consultant

I agree with Robin Williams’ take on Spring. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!”

April newsletter

Fun Easter Traditions You Can Start With Your Family

Easter tradition doesn’t just have to be about coloring eggs, egg hunts and Easter baskets! Here are some new ideas that you can incorporate into your family Easter celebrations.

  • Start a family tradition of making rainbow pancakes on Easter morning
  • Show the kids that the Easter bunny has visited by leaving bunny footprints
  • Make s’mores from peeps
  • Create an Easter tree
  • Make a graham cracker house for your peeps
  • Have everyone write why Easter is important to them, put in plastic eggs, then randomly read them and guess who wrote which one
  • Put some peeps on a skewer and arrange in a vase for a colorful bouquet
  • Tie dye your eggs
  • Everyone wears toy beads, whoever says Easter has to give up their beads, the person with the most beads wins a prize!

Your friends at Provident Plus Insurance Agency wish you a very Happy Easter!

April newsletter

Fun Facts About Painted Lady Butterflies

The painted lady is the most widely distributed butterfly in the world

You can find painted ladies everywhere from meadows to vacant lots. Although it is resident only in warmer climates, it often migrates into colder regions in spring and fall, making it the butterfly with the widest distribution of any species.

It is sometimes called the thistle butterfly or the cosmopolitan butterfly

It’s called the thistle butterfly because thistle plants are its favorite nectar plant for food; it’s also called the cosmopolitan butterfly because of its global distribution.

Painted ladies have unusual migration patterns

These orange butterflies are known to travel annually from the deserts of Southern California to the Pacific Northwest. Recently people are taking notice because of the sheer size of the migration: Scientists estimate the teeming painted ladies number in the millions. Substantial rainfall is the reason for the unusually large swarms. The explosion of plant growth in Southern California that has fueled this migration of butterflies is in itself a spectacle. The growth of colorful wildflowers, called a super bloom, besides attracting the butterflies, has also attracted a steady stream of tourists.

Painted ladies fly fast and far

These medium-sized butterflies can cover a lot of ground, up to 100 miles per day during their migration. A painted lady can reach a speed of nearly 30 miles per hour. Painted ladies seem to be in a hurry like the famous white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, late for a very important date.

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to see them, if not, they’re probably headed your way soon!

April newsletter

Spring Cleaning Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Hello Spring Cleaning Season! It’s the time of year where we want to clean and organize our home and spruce it up by adding some special touches like some fresh flowers from the garden. It’s also the time to put on the rubber gloves and get down to business. But before you do, read this to change three cleaning habits that work against you. It will save you time and money.

Stop using vinegar on wood & stone

From windows to laundry, vinegar is an eco-friendly cleaning powerhouse. But it’s also an acid that can damage stone and wood. When cleaning your granite or marble counter tops, use mild soap and warm water instead. It’d be a shame to ruin your carefully chosen kitchen materials. And only clean floors and furniture with made-for-wood cleaners.

Don’t use lemon in the disposal

While you may have heard running a lemon through your disposal will clean the blades and make your disposal smell fresh, think twice about trying it. It may indeed clean the appliance, but lemon’s citric acid can also corrode the metal, while the peel can damage grinders and clog pipes.

Stop using hot water in the washer

This is one time you shouldn’t listen to grandma. Today’s laundry detergents clean more efficiently than ever in cold water. Even though it may feel strange, your jeans will get just as clean on the cold setting — and you’ll save money on utilities too. But when a family member is sick or you’re washing nasty dirty messes, then listen to grandma. Use hot water mixed with chlorine bleach to kill any bacteria.