April Newsletter

Staff Spotlight – Vincent Hinojos

Vincent is one of our Insurance Consultants who’s getting ready to celebrate a milestone here at Apollo –  his fifth anniversary! With his extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and trends, Vince guides his customers to the best possible insurance coverage for their individual needs. His goal is to ensure that his customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their home, vehicle and family are protected.

Even though Vince deals with the serious subject of insurance on the job, he still has a great sense of humor. He often entertains us with his dry wit and in his spare time loves to go to Comedy Clubs to check out the new talent on the circuit. He’s also a connoisseur of craft beers and enjoys brewing his own concoctions.Vince would also be called a sports fanatic, rooting for all the local LA teams as well as a sporty guy, playing racquetball twice a week.

We hope you have the opportunity to meet Vince and speak with him soon. We know he’s ready, willing and able to help answer any insurance questions you have while bringing a smile to your face.

Spring Break Travel Tips
Whether you’re traveling as a family this year, or your college student is beach bound on their own, we have some tips for you to help your Spring Break plans go smoothly:

  • Research before you go.
    No matter where you’re going, travel is made easier when there’s a plan. When activities and travel routes are mapped out, it helps you avoid wasting precious vacation time, shelling out additional costs, getting lost or becoming stressed out.
  • If you’re road tripping it.
    Take turns behind the wheel and make sure someone sits shotgun. They can help keep you awake, keep an eye on traffic and help find the right roads.
  • If you’re staying in a hotel.
    Request a room above the first floor so thieves don’t have easy access to your belongings. Keep doors locked and note where the fire exits are located.
  • Travel light.
    You’re probably going to be spending a large amount of your time at the beach or in the pool which means you’ll be in your bathing suit for most of the day. For the rest of your clothes stick to double duty pieces you can wear more than once and mix and match. You may even be able to get away with only bringing a carry-on and avoid the dreaded baggage claim and luggage costs.
  • Safeguard your valuables.
    Use the safe in your hotel room for your valuables like extra cash, passports, travel documents, and cell phones.
  • Be aware of your liquids.
    Did you know sunscreen falls into the “liquid” category according to Transportation Security Authority regulations? This means you can only carry 3oz or less in your carry-on, otherwise it needs to go in your checked luggage. If you aren’t checking luggage or need to buy sunscreen at your destination, it’s worth the trip to a local convenience store to buy instead of purchasing at your hotel. Hotel gift shops are already pricy and for items that are must-haves, like sunscreen, the price can more than double.
  • Pack a Travel Insurance Plan.
    Vacation is a time to relax both your body and mind. Planning for the worst-case scenarios can provide peace of mind during a vacation because the risks associated with the trip are covered. To learn more about travel insurance,click here.

On-the-Go Access

We’re excited to launch our Apollo mobile application! The Apollo app provides you with convenient access to insurance information while you’re on the go from your Apple or Android smartphones.Through the Apollo app, you can:

  • View and reprint automobile ID cards
  • View critical policy information
  • Request policy changes online
  • Access your agent’s direct contact information
  • Receive documented confirmation of all activity conducted online

The apps are available for download on the Apple and Google Play App Stores. You need to have already signed up to join our online portal to be able to start using the app. It’s easy to sign up, just click here.

We hope you enjoy using our new Apollo app!

Distracted Driving Awareness

While most people think that distracted driving is only an issue that teen drivers need to worry about, everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car is at risk of being distracted. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which means it’s the perfect time to start looking at how you can be safer while on the road. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you make it to your destinations safely.

  • Avoid your cell phone – put your phone on silent and out of reach while you’re driving. If you don’t have easy access to your phone, you are less likely to be tempted to make a call or send a text. If you have to make an emergency call, pull over to a safe spot.
  • Pre-set your GPS – before you head out on the road, enter your destination to your GPS so you won’t have to do it while you’re already on your way. If you have a passenger in your car, ask them to help you with your GPS system.
  • Do not multi-task – anything that you try to do while you are driving, including eating and/or changing the radio station, is a distraction. Take care of anything that you may want to do while driving before you get behind the wheel so that you can focus all of your attention on what’s happening on the road.
  • Keep the kids busy – if you have children in your car; give them an age appropriate activity to keep them occupied so that they don’t distract you.

Apollo Insurance Services is here to make sure you have the right auto insurance so you and your passengers have enough protection while on the road. When was the last time you reviewed your insurance coverage? Changes in lifestyle, employment and family may affect your insurance needs and could reveal the need for additional protection and/or discounts. Give us a call at 800.426.1088 for a personal consultation.

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