December 2019 Newsletter

December Newsletter

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Bring the Holiday Magic to your Home

Is if your turn to host the holiday gathering? Or maybe you just look forward to the joy of the season, with all the sparkling decorations and twinkling lights. With a little imagination you can make your home festive and welcoming. Here are some creative, affordable ways you can make your home look magical without breaking the bank!

  • Candles. This is a classic, small touch that will stand out the most. Adding some candlesticks to your dining room table with some evergreen clippings will look stunning and elegant. Another idea is creating a snowy candlelit look with tea light candles – and you only need a few items! Grab a mason jar and put Epsom salt at the bottom and throw some craft glitter in there as well. Then place the candles on top. You can make a dozen of these and place them around your home. As an added bonus, use candles with a holiday scent that you like.
  • Candy canes. Nothing reminds people of the holidays more than candy canes! Placing these around your home will make your guests feel warm and welcome. Another option is to put them in mason jars on your coffee table or a mantel and you can always add them on your tree!
  • Ornament centerpieces. This decoration is simple and affordable. Get a glass candle holder, and a bunch of different colored ornaments (they can be extra ones that you don’t use on your tree). Place the ornaments in the candle holder and you’re done! You can also lay evergreen on your table or mantel and arrange the ornaments on tops. It will give your home that cozy feeling everyone loves.
  • Decorative throw pillows. If you have a sewing machine and some fabric, you’re already ahead of the game! If you don’t want to buy a pillow, look around your home and find a pillow you want to transform. If you don’t have holiday fabric on hand, you can usually find it at a low price at your local fabric store. Get the correct measurements, cut the fabric and get to sewing! If you don’t want the fabric to be permanently on there, sew some buttons at the end so when January arrives, you can take it off and store it for next year!
  • Wreath decorations. Adding a wreath to your door is the traditional way to bring the holiday cheer to your home. Believe it or not, it’s extremely easy to make your own wreath, and you don’t have to use evergreen. You can use wood, ribbons, pine cones, a hula hoop or a re purposed round mirror. The options are endless!
  • Flowers from your garden. Flowers are always beautiful around the holidays, and when they’re from your garden – they’re free!  Red and white flowers will compliment your holiday decor and you can place them in vases around seating areas where they can be enjoyed.
We hope these ideas help you create a beautiful, cheerful environment in your home. We wish you a beautiful holiday season!
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Give Your Budget a Break This Holiday Season

If you’re like many people you breathe a sigh of relief once the holidays are over.

Until you get your credit card statement, that is.

From buying gifts to traveling to entertaining, holiday expenses add up quickly — it’s easy to overspend without even realizing it. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some ideas to help keep your spending down and your spirits up.

Buy early

This goes for almost everything — from gifts to airfare to hotel rooms. Buying gifts over the course of the year means you can take advantage of sales and avoid the last-minute frenzy. And, travel prices often rise as the holidays near.

Leave early (or late)

Whether you’re taking a plane, train or automobile, consider traveling on off-peak dates. You’ll often save money doing so, and you may save yourself some hassle, too.

Spread the load

Entertaining can be costly, so ask others for help. Instead of making all the food yourself, have a potluck. And, share the burden when it comes to gifts. Draw names for gift-giving, make a donation on behalf of the entire family or set limits for gift buying.

Take a different approach

Do you send holiday cards and a letter each year? Consider emailing your letter, posting it on Facebook or sending postcards instead. Buying gifts online can save both time and money, too, especially if you take advantage of free shipping and gift-wrapping options. You could even do away with physical gifts altogether, because the best gift of all is spending time with family and friends.

The holidays can be stressful enough, so don’t add to that stress by overextending yourself. With a little bit of planning, and maybe a little shift in thinking, you can have a happy — and budget-friendly — season.

Happy holidays from all of us at Provident Plus Insurance!

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Recycling During the Holidays

Did you know that Americans produce more trash during the holidays than any other time of year? 25% more, to be exact. Between the wrapping paper, disposable plates and silverware, Christmas trees and cards, holiday lights and plastic shopping bags – it’s hard to keep track of everything you dispose of during those busy months. The more we commit to glittery décor and disposable items, the less we realize the impact it’s having on the environment. This year, I decided to make a conscious effort to produce less waste and recycle more. If you’re thinking about doing the same, here are a few easy ways you can be more environmentally friendly this holiday season!

  • Use eco-friendly wrapping paper. Since most wrapping papers contain dyes, laminations or glitter, they are deemed non-recyclable and will head straight to the landfill. Wrap your presents with newspapers, paper bags – or make the wrapping part of the gift! You can use scarves, blankets or even reusable shopping bags.
  • Cut down on the food you buy. We all want to make extra just in case we’re still hungry. But when you over-estimate, that food may just end up in the trash. Before making a meal, try using a serving calculator to estimate how much food you need for guests. If you still have extras, encourage your guests to take food home and freeze the rest for later use.
  • Use LED lights for your home. Traditional incandescent and florescent bulbs use a ton of energy to light up your house each night. LEDs are up to 80% more efficient and last 10x longer than traditional lights. Plus, since they have a better light quality, a little goes a long way! You’ll still get that bright and cheerful look at night without the added environmental cost.
  • Buy a non-traditional gift. Instead of buying more “stuff,” buy a gift that will give your friends and family memories! Consider a gift card to local museums, a theme park or even a relaxing day at a spa. They will appreciate the gesture and maybe even steal the idea for next year. Looking for other options? How about some food! Dessert recipes in a mason jar with all the ingredients inside work fantastically. You could also bake them fun holiday cookies!
  • Recycle your tree after the holidays. Call your local recycling centers to see if they accept Christmas trees. Just drop it off and they’ll take care of the rest. Most of the time, the trees are simply chipped into mulch and used for public outdoor areas or parks. So not only are you safely disposing of the tree, you’re also giving back to the community!
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Unless this is how you decorate, you need Renters Insurance

Do you rent an apartment, house or condo? Did you know that your landlord is only responsible for insuring the building, but it’s up to you to protect your belongings?
So unless you’re an extreme minimalist, chances are you need Renters Insurance. That’s why Provident Plus is pleased to offer you an easy way to purchase a renters insurance plan with Safeco Insurance.

With a Safeco renters policy you’ll enjoy:

  • Coverage for items like your clothing, sports equipment, TV, computer and furniture
  • Coverage for items in your car that are damaged or stolen
  • Liability protection, included in the event your actions cause injury to others or damage to their property
  • Higher limits available for special items like jewelry, fine arts and more

You can purchase a renters policy today.
Visit Or if you prefer, you can speak with one of our licensed insurance consultants by calling 800.310.0395, option 2.